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Hello world! I am just Kamia and I am 24 years young from Los Angeles, CA. I am blasian (Filipina and Black with some Spanish blood). I am a Mass Communications graduate from UC Berkeley and a trained journalist from Columbia Journalism School where I received my M.S. degree. For fun, I enjoy living a healthy and abundant life through spending quality time with loved ones, fine dining experiences, recreating cultural dishes with my own flare, reading books on personal development, singing, and traveling with my loved ones. I am currently a lifestyle blogger, capturing all aspects of my life, and sharing stories to inspire openness to life’s variability. I will soon start a 2 year conservatory program at the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC to pursue my long-dreamed acting passion. At the same time, I am currently developing my brand as a lifestyle influencer.

I am elated to embark on this journey and share the growing pains with all of you! Some of my mainstream goals in life include becoming my own boss as an entrepreneur, working my way to the big screen, and building a loving family. Aside from having captivating internships with News 12 New Jersey and Google, I’ve spent a vast majority of my everyday life in school. I come from a traditional household where higher education and “prestigious” careers were highly encouraged. I’ve always been innately a creative. Living through unprecedented times, an inner voice is constantly reminding me that tomorrow is never promised, so I am actively choosing to go against the grain of societal normatives and do me wholeheartedly!

So I call this chapter truly “adulting.” I am just Kamia and I welcome you to join me on this adventure!

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