Staying Authentic

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Continue being the light while seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how confusing, challenging, or unclear life can get, let us always strive to continue freely being our authentic selves, putting together the pieces to our puzzle, and creating our stories. Let us continue to connect with our kindred spirits, be our inner child, and create the destiny we want for ourselves. Everyday is a blessing and a stepping stone for the larger picture. This year felt like a sculpture. I kept sculpting, navigating ambiguities, and trying various ways to create structure out of non-structure. Attempting to piece different pieces of the puzzle together until I found the perfect fit. But hey, what’s perfect? No such thing, but I believe it’s all about finding your own fit, your own truth, and continuing to develop it, nurture it, and grow it into fruition.  Manifest your story. The pitfalls and challenges are a part of the learning and growth process. Own it, claim it, believe it, and live it. I had a lovely shoot with a new clothing brand called, “Je Suis Human.” I appreciate the opportunity to just be authentically me in the shoot! Check out some of the gems below!

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