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It is all about perspective. I am practicing embracing the randomness of it all. I am currently on a road trip and spent this last week in Utah. Prior to arriving, I had a preconceived notion of Park City, Utah and what we’d be doing. I did not expect much of Utah except to go skiing. As it turned out, all the season tourist-centered activities were closed due to weather conditions. I found myself ready to hit the next destination, Las Vegas, NV. With unforeseen events, we ended up staying in Utah longer than anticipated. Park City Utah brought a plethora of surprises. Ended up at Sundance Mountain Resort where I learned the history of the Sundance Film Festival, a place I see myself in the future as an actress. It had a quaint and rustic charm. Each dining experience was phenomenal, particularly the Owl Bar and Flounder Grill at the Sundance establishment. Next, we then decided to venture into Moab Utah. The change in scenery was absolutely magical. We found ourselves in Arches National Park where we were blessed to view breathtaking arches. Finally, we embarked on an adrenaline filled UTV sunset excursion with Ultimate UTV Adventures, going through the historic Hell’s Revenge Canyons.

To spice things up, our UTV broke down halfway, but thankfully we had the most helpful host who drove us back to our safe grounds  in one piece. Passing out of Moab, we cruised through Millers Canyons, finally experiencing majestic snow views throughout the desert. Though random and unprecedented, Utah provided an enlightening perspective. I followed my compass with a certain idea yet was open to the variability. Thus, I was gifted with awakened insights, experiences, and foresight. Life is an unprecedented journey by nature. I look forward to accepting and embracing newfound situations and keep writing my story. The next stop is Vegas! Let’s see what movie and lesson this pit stop will bring! Check out the pictures below from my first multi-destination road-trip!

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